In our household I pretty much do all of the cleaning. It is what it is and I normally don’t mind too much. I dream of being a housewife one day, and I figure it will be part of my duties then so I might as well get used to it. The Captain will pitch in if I ask him to do chores here and there, but other than that I think he’d be OK with any way I kept the house. I will be honest and admit I am no where close to a neat freak, and I am lucky my husband doesn’t mind that. But what is weird is the things he DOES notice that are dirty….it truly baffles my mind!

Most people would notice a dirty bathroom, or a carpet that needs vacuuming, or a bed that is unmade but not Captain Awesome….no way. He tends to notice things that most likely no one else in the world would call you out as being dirty. I am pretty sure most people wouldn’t even notice it. The refrigerator for example. It contains a lot of food, maybe some leftovers and most of the time is a place that guests do not enter to see. But the refridgerator is a place that my husband takes pride in keeping clean. Same goes for our random drawer in the kitchen. We all have it. That drawer that just houses pretty much everything. The other day my husband opens it and decides that it’s just too messy and it needs to be cleaned…so that’s what he did. He cleaned it! Shall I go on? Let’s take the microwave. That great kitchen tool gets splattered by food. It happens…we move on. Not the Captain. He opens it and says…you know this really needs to be cleaned. Really?? That’s what you notice needs to be cleaned???

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE that he wants to be helpful in whatever way I can get him to be helpful around the house. I certainly don’t want to clean the fridge. But I just find it amusing that the stuff he notices is the most random. I doubt that I will EVER convince him to clean a bathroom, so I should take what I can get. What’s that saying? “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth?” Well this post may be doing the opposite of that but I just had to share this with you my readers. Hey we share everything right? (ok…not everything lol I doubt you want to know EVERYTHING) So to Captain Awesome…Thank you dear for your random cleaning! (see now’s the time when I kiss up lol)