I am a fan of nicknames. I find it endearing and special when someone refers to someone by one. That is why I want to have a special nickname for the little peanut growing inside my belly. But that’s where I got stuck?? What could I call such a special little miracle? I am pretty positive EVERYTHING has already been used, but does it really matter? Shouldn’t I not care what other people do? I mean I have to use a name that is special to me. That’s why from here on out, on this blog, our little miracle shall be called Pooh Bear!

Who doesn’t love Pooh Bear? That bear is snugly, cuddly all stuffed with fluff! The first stuffed animal that was put in my crib when I was born was a stuffed Pooh Bear. I have that bear today, and I still sleep with the Pooh Blanket that was in my bed (don’t judge! It has the softest silky edges!) Don’t you think it’s appropriate? Not to mention that Pooh Bear has a nice pot belly which I believe  will be similar to what I will be sporting in the coming months.

Pooh Bear, I think, can also act as a nickname for either a boy or a girl. Yes Winnie the Pooh is a boy,  but I say the name can be unisex. Pooh Bear is everything little kids should be. Warm, fun, innocent, loving, and cuddly. So I will set this kid ahead of the pack by nicknaming her or him after a cute fictional character with all of those traits.

Being the kid at heart that I am, I am excited to share with you all the future adventures Pooh Bear and I will have. I think the name will be a perfect fit! What’s even better? The Captain likes it too! So hopefully it will stick beyond the blog! Wouldn’t that be fun?

What did you call your little one before he/she was born?