Dear Christian,

Happy five months little man! Time has always been moving fast, but as the months go on I feel it’s moving even faster! Didn’t I just write your 4 month old post? You are getting to be such a big little boy! Each day you find new things, and each day you bring so much joy into my life.

At this months well visit you weighed in at 17.9 lbs, and are 26 inches. That puts you in the 75 percentile in weight, and 50th in length. You certainly still are my chunkamunk! I can’t get enough of your cheeks Mr. Cheeks! I kiss and squeeze them every day. I hope you let me do that for a long while. I know someday it will get weird, but I am going to cherish every day that I get to give you big smooches!

You learned a new trick this month…you rolled from your back to your belly! I watched you practice and practice for a long time, and FINALLY you rolled! Right in front of your Great Grandma too! You looked so proud when you did it too. It really melted my heart.You made your momma proud!

Another big accomplishment is that you started to eat solid foods. Well, somewhat solid. You started cereals! First rice, then oatmeal, then barley. You took to it like a champ! You opened your mouth wide for the first spoonful like you already knew what to do. Next stop…Fruits and Veggies!

Your toys are starting to become a big part of your day. Mostly, you just put them in your mouth, but it’s still fun to see you interact with them. I hate to admit it but you love TV. I try to limit it, but when it’s on I put on your favorite shows…Mickey Mouse Club House, Wonder Pets, and Handy Manny. It’s fun to watch you smile when Mickey comes on the screen. I can’t wait for the day that we get to bring you to Disney World!

I have been doing a bad thing by allowing you to nap in my arms sometimes. It’s selfish because I love to hold you and watch you sleep. I think you like it too because you nap wonderfully in my arms. I will only get to do this for a little while so I will enjoy it while I can. Other things can wait. I can always make Snuggle time for my little boy.

They call these months the golden months, and I can see why that is. You are such a happy little boy, you laugh a lot every day, and every day you interact with me even more. I love being your mommy.