After 5 months of exclusively breast feeding I have shared with you the ups and the downs. To be fair I think I shared more downs than ups! It’s challenging, and demanding, but through it all I remind myself that it’s the best thing I can do for my son. This time I wanted to share some hope with other breastfeeding moms out there, or to women who are considering breastfeeding. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sticking with it gets much easier with time.Y

As much as I always wanted to breastfeed, I was well aware that it may not work out. Luckily it did work out, but from the start I set small goals for myself. My first goal was to just get colostrum to my son, next, to make it to three months. Once I hit the three month mark, I started to wonder whether or not I’d make it to my next goal of six months. It all seemed so daunting! Then I started thinking about the alternative…formula. I had no idea how to do formula. Would I want to wake up and make a bottle to feed my son? Or did I just want to pull out the boob and take care of the feeding that way. In my opinion the boob seems easier. I guess the unknown is just scary.

The other day I spoke to a friend who asked me “does it get easier?” I quickly reassured her and said yes. And after I said that, and spoke with her for a bit I began to think even more about it. I’ve come so far! My son was always pretty efficient at eating, but what used to take over 20 minutes now takes ten minutes or less. At this point I have even breast fed in a public restaurant! (pretty proud of myself) The more I think about it the more I think…why quit?

I’m not saying it’s always easy, and I am not saying everyone’s experience will be like my own. What I am saying is that it does get EASIER…easier meaning more easy than it was a week or a month ago.

So for now I am sticking to it. My next goal? Make it till my guy gets teeth and bites me! I don’t think I can handle that!