I have a confession. 5 months after the birth of our son I still sometimes wear my maternity pants. Most of you will probably tell me that it’s perfectly fine…but is it also fine that I LIKE them? Yes they are ugly, and comfortable…but besides that, I have to go on record that I think they are completely practical! Why aren’t all pants more like maternity pants?

What is up with the low rise pants. Maybe for teenagers (boy do I sound like an old woman), but they certainly aren’t for any woman with any sort of tummy. Can you say muffin top? As I write this I am wearing a pair of maternity leggings, and boy do they smooth me out! No muffin top to be found! That just makes sense don’t you think?

Let’s face it, many women think that their problem area is their bellies..I know mine certainly is! And post baby I think it’s even worse. How could it not be? So why do most pants out there cinch you at the stomach and make even more unflattering. You know what doesn’t cinch my stomach?? Maternity pants!

I know I can’t wear them forever. As a matter of fact I shouldn’t be wearing them now, but I am having trouble giving them up. Especially since I don’t truly fit into my old pants. My body is just different than before! I did buy a new pair of overly priced jeans…but at least they are comfortable. I found it worth it to spend the money to find a pair of pants I was comfortable in. But one pair of jeans doesn’t make a wardrobe…

For now I will continue to rock the maternity leggings…I am proud of it! Ok well not proud…but I am certainly willing to admit I still like them. I guess I am just ready for summer clothes so that I can wear comfy dresses. Do women have to be uncomfortable in their clothes??