Dear Christian,

Happy 4 months little man! We have come so far together in such a short amount of time. Every day the world is showing you something new, and I am just so happy and lucky to share it with you. You are so curious and strong willed. I have so much more to show you.

You are our little chunkamunk meatball! You weigh 15 lbs 12 oz! The 75th percentile in weight. I guess we don’t have to question whether or not you are getting enough to eat!

I mentioned the word strong willed. I think it’s a word that fits you well. You know exactly what you want to be doing at any given moment, and sometimes your little body doesn’t seem to do what your mind wants it to do. You love to scooch, even if that means you scootch till your head is upside down, or if you almost lay flat in the bath. I sometimes wonder where it is that you want to go? I have a feeling soon enough there will be no stopping you! Your mommy isn’t ready for that day just yet.

We brought out your excersaucer recently, and you seem to really like it! You already are able to spin around and “play” with the toys. I am not sure if you are purposefully  playing, or hitting the toys by chance, but either way you love the noises and colors the toy makes!

I have many names for you…You are my Mr. Cheeks (cause of your round cheeks that I love to kiss and squeeze!), Scootch (cause you are always scootching down), and Monkey Man (cause you are always dangling off my lap). I am not sure which nicknames will stick, but I sure enjoy your reaction to them all.

You wake up happy every morning. I normally find you singing and talking in your crib when I go to pick you up. I lean over your crib, and the moment you see me you smile. It’s hard for me to describe that feeling to you little man. It just warms my heart each day. The night time is a different story. 6:00 begins your witching hour, and you are a bit of a fuss bucket from 6:00 till your bedtime which is now between 7 and 7:30. The good news is that even though you go to bed early you sleep pretty well through the night. Let’s hope this keeps up!

I love you more each day! (and I’m not just saying that! It’s true!) They say that these coming months are the “golden” ones…I gotta admit I just can’t wait!