I love to blog. I have enjoyed it for over two years now, and it makes me happy every time I find out that someone out there is reading what I have to say. Over the past two years I have also met a bunch of bloggy friends. Our relationship may only be online, but sometimes I think they know me better than some (odd I know). This past weekend I had the honor of being invited to a blog event that was called Getting Gorgeous. It was in NYC, and not only was it a way to meet other bloggers, it gave me a mommy day to myself. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I am very new to the blog event world. I know that there are a ton of meet ups out there, many being in NYC, but I haven’t been to many. Just knowing I was invited, and one of 300 women to attend this one I felt pretty honored. The reason I got the invite was because of my relationship with the women behind Mommies With Style . I was so happy to meet up with both Nancy and Whitney (that’s me with Whitney in the picture above). I truly enjoy writing for the site, and I appreciate the opportunity I was given.

I’m not always sure what I think of these events. Like every hobby it’s good to get out there and get involved, but I really suck at doing things by myself. Although I knew two women there going in, I still felt alone. Yes they had great “Getting Gorgeous” features like make overs and hair styling, but what fun is it when you are doing it by yourself?

I met some great vendors along the way. Hanes had a great booth, and I found my new favorite pair of socks! It was an honor to meet the ladies of Shopafrolic , Liz Lange and Jane Wagman. As a matter of fact I just wore a Liz Lange for Target nursing top today! I won a gift card and pot from BJ’s and Moe’s Southwestern Grill. How great is that? I met a bunch of other vendors a long the way, but I will share more with you about that through reviews on Mommies With Style or here on After The Alter…Stay tuned!

I guess it’s kind of a chicken and the egg problem…by going to more of these events I will meet more people, but to go to more of these events I am destined to go alone. I guess only time will tell what happens. Either way, It’s great to be able to enjoy my hobby.