A while ago my sister tried to tell me about this site called Pinterest. My first thought was that the last thing I needed was a new online obsession, and to be honest I just didn’t get it. Fast forward a bit and the twitter universe began to tweet about it constantly. What was I missing? So I checked it out. Boy am I glad I did…and at the same time bummed that I found something else to suck up my time. That’s right dear readers, After The Alter is now on Pinterest, searching for the greatest things on the internet to steal to pin to my boards.

Pinterest: Getting Started

I think my biggest advice is to find someone to invite you! I originally tried to get invited through the site and it took days. Really? I have to wait to get invited to a website? They should want me! So that’s what I did. One of my beautiful twitter friends sent me an invite.

After that, you can search for friends from facebook already on Pinterest. This is a great way to get started. You can take the pins they already have and then start creating your own boards. It takes some time to get into it, but once you start seeing your boards fill up I promise it becomes addicting. Give it time.

I also recommend downloading the “pin it” button for your toolbar. This goes into your toolbar so that when you find a page you want to remember you just click the “pin it” button and you easily add it to your own board.

Favorite Pinterest Boards

I think my favorite boards to repin are the food boards because I look at it as my own online cookbook. It’s an easy spot for me to go back to find saved recipes, and the pictures normally make my mouth water. This inspires me to want to cook!

My next favorite would have to be the great spaces/ rooms people post. It’s a wonderful way for me to get ides to use in my future home. People out there have amazing talent to visualize a space. I do not have that same talent, so this allows me to take their vision and use it.

Awww heck…I pretty much love pinning ANYTHING!

So come on and join in the fun! I’d be happy to send you an invitation if you need one, and if you are on Pinterest please leave a comment letting me know how to find you so I can follow you! Of course it could go unsaid that I’d like you to follow afterthealter. You’ll be happy you did!