mean girls

There is a place where women go to sing songs and play with their kids. A place where women do bake sales, and drive car pools. It’s a place of envy, jealousy, and most of all jealousy. I am new to this land, and have only just dipped my big toe into it’s vastness. I think I am going to learn pretty quickly how the land I will call mommy land works. I mean how can you not learn fast…it’s pretty much high school! I thought when I grew up I would outgrow the cliques, but I have a pretty good feeling they exist well into adulthood. This mommy land is a jungle, and I am just getting started.

Today I started a new Gymboree class. I started last October and loved it. I didn’t make any great connections, but I still found the once a week interaction enjoyable. Now, a new semester has started, and I was shocked to see what it was all about. I encountered the snobbiest (also known as JAPS here on Long Island) women EVER!  If I had to hear one more time about her sons Diesel hat that was lost I was going to shoot myself. There was a group of 5 women who had no interest in even looking at the other 10 women. They knew each other and that was enough for them. I had a grand time watching the dynamic of the class. There were about 15 mom’s so 10 were open to talking. The rest…no thank you! What BITCHES!

It makes sense. Why wouldn’t there be cliques in Mommy Land? Someday your child will to school and that’s where the judgment and jealousy begins. I can imagine the battle between the SAHM vs. The Working mom begins around then. That’s where the judgment part happens. Jealousy? Well I know here in Long Island if you don’t have the right bag then you are left behind in the dust. What will happen when my son doesn’t get the best designer jeans? What happens when I don’t? In Mommy Land you get the dirty looks and you find yourself feeling the Envy. “oh I wish THOSE women would talk to me!” Well not this mommy! I’m going to try to hold strong because I am not like that. It is one of the biggest things I hate about living here on Long Island.

Please dear readers. Remind me that I don’t want any of those women to talk to me, and also remind me NOT to be one of those women when I get fully involved in the school years. I think Gymboree is only the beginning! I think if I am aware of the ways of this land I will be able to maneuver  myself through it better. Welcome to Mommy Land Jen….it’s going to be a wild ride!

What do you think of Mommy Cliques. Are you a part of one?