wish you were here

It starts around Memorial Day….I have this feeling of such happiness that the weather is warm, but mixed with that happiness is this feeling in my gut of dread. Why? The dreaded feeling is because the warmth doesn’t last forever. Soon, the temperature will drop and I will be left with winter. The sad bitter time where I hate leaving my house. I get depressed that it’s not summer, and time can’t move me to warmer weather fast enough. The winter blues have officially begun.

December is never bad. No matter how cold it is, the magic of the holiday season blinds me from the cold. Maybe it’s the pretty lights, but even cold days feel warm because of the great season. I have so much to look forward to in December. I get to be with my family lots, and there is always something going on, but after January first I am blasted with a blank calendar. That’s right, the post holiday season blues . If there is something on the calendar I cringe because that means I have to leave the house to get there. Depressing I know!

Before having a kid it was easy for me to hibernate (although I hated it), because I was always so happy to sit on my couch. Sundays meant either tons of football or movies, and it worked for me. Now, with my son that can’t happen. I NEED to get out of the house or I would go crazy. There is no sitting and wallowing, only figuring out ways to entertain him. Certainly not as easy to sit on the couch these days.

If you read the links I put into this post you can see that this isn’t the first time that I’ve complained about this. These 2 links aren’t even the only ones! It had me laughing when I looked back. This is around the time that I threaten to move south. So here’s the official statement…

Bye Bye North East! This girl is ready to move south!

Ok, so it won’t happen but whatever. The stupid winter sucks! Let’s hope that it’s short and by March we have warm weather. Fingers crossed everyone!