People always say that waiting to find out the sex of your baby is one of the only REAL surprises left out there. I can agree to a point, but I feel like the surprise is there whether you find out at 20 weeks or 40. For me I LOVED our gender reveal surprise, and I loved seeing her again in 3D. Every time I have seen her sweet little face I am left wondering who that little girl is going to be? That’s the next surprise I am waiting for. I can’t wait to see her little face and see who I am bringing into this world. Who are you little girl?

There is a lot of talk of nature vs. nurture when it comes to a child’s personality and behavior. I figure the moment they are born all they have to go on is their nature. Life hasn’t gotten to them yet, and as a parent I haven’t had the chance to screw them up. So what will she be like? This pregnancy has given me a lot of stress, and I always laugh and tell my little princess that she better be good once she comes out, but will she? Will she be gentle and calm or a little spitfire. Will she have colic or will she be a good sleeper? Who knows!

They tell me this little one has hair. Her brother didn’t. I have seen many families where each child looks completely different and I have seen ones where you can tell they are siblings the moment you see them. What will she be like? Will she be fair like me or darker like her father? What parts of me will she get and what parts of Captain Awesome? Maybe it will be neither of us and she will inherit some random genes from family members of the past? Who knows? To me that’s the real surprise. The big surprise is finding out who we created in there. It’s a miracle. A child is formed by two people, but there is so much more involved that sets the wheels in motion of who that child will be.

Who will you grow up to be little girl? Will you want to dance and wear tu tu’s or will you surprise me and decide that sports are more your fancy? Will you like pink and make up or never want your hair brushed? Will we grow to be best friends like I am with my mom, or will we butt heads like some mother’s and daughters due because we are so much of the same? Only time will tell, but I wonder….

I am in awe every day when I think that soon we get to find all this out. I know that babies change every day, and what the look like when they come out isn’t exactly what they look like down the line. Our little man looks COMPLETELY different now! People say to wait to name your baby till you look at them, but if I did that then little dude would’ve had to be a…all squishy and accountant like. Our little girl may look one way when born and another in a week, but no matter what I can’t wait to see her.

Whoever you are little one I know that I will love you. We have waited for you for so long, and soon our family will be complete with you in it. I can’t wait to watch you grow.