The other day a friend called me and told me a heartbreaking story of a little 3 year old daughter of one of her friends who was recently diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. I had not heard of this disorder, and as she began to explain to me what it was my heart broke. Every time I hear about things that can happen to children my thoughts of course drift to my own. What would I do if my child got sick and the more I thought about it the more sick to my stomach I became. My friend reached out because she was at a loss of how to help her friend and wanted to do anything in her power to help him. She told me about a video he made that appeared in the Huffington Post asking people to help his family and donate to the cause that will fund clinical trials that will hopefully cure this currently untreatable disease. Please take a moment to watch this video….I sat there in tears watching it….It’s just not fair that disorders like this exist.

The Huffington Post articled titled “Dad Asks the World, ‘Please share this video, You will be saving my daughter’s life’  details exactly what this one father is asking others to do, and it’s not much. It’s just to share this video to raise awareness, and every dollar made from it will be donated to the clinical trials that will hopefully find a cure.

If you choose to donate you can do so at Magnolia’s Gofundme page. If not, please just take a moment to share this video so that others may become aware that this disorder exists.