Dear Hop Hop,


It’s kind of funny that I still call you Hop Hop on here because at home you are Girl Girl. Your brother stuck to his guns and changed your name once we found out you were a girl, but for blog purposes it seemed funny to change it. Anyway…the big news this week is that we’ve made it to TERM! You have come so far and grown so much! At this point you could decide to come at any time and I think everything would be OK.

I wish you could tell me when  you were going to arrive. The waiting game isn’t my strong suit. There are so many new factors in your arrival that are different for when your brother was born. I have him to worry about this time, and having no control over when labor begins is tough on me. I laugh because no matter what I keep in mind that you could come early like your brother did at 38 weeks. Then I remind myself that is probably not the case and if things go like the rest of this pregnancy has been going then you will be LATE!

Since I have calmed down and realized that I can’t keep going through my days like I am not pregnant I have been feeling better. I something think you are trying to exit my womb through my sides. Although the conventional way to exit isn’t all that pleasant either, I am sure it has to be better than being punched out the side. You are one strong little thing in there! Your busiest time of day is between the hours of 9 and 10. I feel like you are having a dance party in there! I am curious to see if you will be wide awake during that time once you are here. Good news is that you don’t wake me through out the night so I am hoping that means your days and nights won’t be mixed up. A girl can hope right?

So we wait. We wait to find out when we get to meet you. If I can put in a request for an easy delivery that would be great. And if you could decide to send me into labor overnight that would be great too. I’m trying to make all this as easy on your brother as possible. Did you know he picked out a present for you? He can’t wait to give it to you!! He also has a lullaby he’s been practicing. It’s about Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. I am sure you will love it!