Over time I have taken After The Alter from a marriage blog, to a TTC blog, to a pregnancy blog and now to a mommy blog. That’s right dear readers….I am officially a Mommy Blog!

I know, I know, that’s not anything new. You all have known this for some time now, but now After The Alter is now listed on Top Mommy Blogs.com and that means I need my readers to vote for me as…you guessed it…a Top Mommy Blog! How do you do that you ask? Well all you have to do is click on that pretty little banner I have on the top of this post! Easy right?

I now will also have this badge on my side bar (go ahead, look over on the left!), so if you ever are reading and catch a glance of it, I would appreciate it if you go on over and click on it. That gets me votes, and that gets me moved up on the top mommy blog list. Who doesn’t like to move to top? You can do it over…and over…and over…ok, you get the picture. The more times the better!

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support! Vote for me!!