When I started blogging I enjoyed sharing about my married life, but when I started to talk about, and share almost everything about my TTC journey, I really felt that this blog kept me sane. Even though I was sharing VERY personal thoughts with hundreds of readers, I felt like it was a safe place for me to get my thoughts out. Then, many of my readers reached out and e mailed me with their stories and experiences, and I really felt that by sharing my stories I was helping others. That is why I am going back to my TTC roots and sharing with you about Pre Seed. If I am being honest I think it a big part of my eventual success!

Approximately 11 million couples in the US are trying to conceive (TTC). On average, a couple only has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant each month during the woman’s fertile time (not the best odds huh?).  In fact, 75% of women report an increase in their frequency of dryness when TTC. Pre~Seed mimics natural body secretions to relieve dryness while providing an optimal environment for your man’s little swimmers. Its moisture is delivered in the same pH , osmolality and viscosity (thickness) as fertile cervical mucus. Pre~Seed does not harm sperm and is less irritating to women than the leading lubricants (see Clinical Studies).

That my friends is why Pre Seed is so great for women who are TTC! I was ready to try pretty much anything while TTC, and when I gave this a try I fully noticed a difference. The good news is that you can now buy Pre Seed at your local stores as well as online. I promise you won’t be sorry you gave this a try.

When the people behind Pre Seed contacted me to do this giveaway, I knew that even though I didn’t need it now, I still wanted to offer it to my dear readers. I know many of you are struggling with TTC, and if there is anything I can do to help, I will. And I believe that Pre Seed will help.

So onto the GIVEAWAY! The giveaway package will consist of one carton of the Pre~Seed Product, and one product brochure. The giveaway will run until Monday September 19th.

How to enter: Remember…each entry needs a separate comment to count.

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Look at all those ways to enter! Good luck!

I was provided with Pre~Seed for the purposes of this review. as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.