Dear Christian,

I am not sure where time has gone, but you are officially 9 months old! Every time I look at you I see more and more of a little boy and less of a baby. How does this happen?

You had your first cold recently little guy. As a matter of fact you can see it a little bit in this picture. Your eyes looked sick but that didn’t stop you from smiling for your pictures. Even though you were feeling under the weather you still were able to give your mommy a smile. It just warms my heart.

With in a weeks time you learned so many new tricks. You pulled yourself up, got into a sitting position from your belly and now can cruise around the house. It all happened so fast! I love seeing how proud you get when you accomplish something.

You are cruising like a champ these days. You pull up on anything in your path and can walk around the room. You are still a bit wobbly, and topple sometimes but you are certainly getting the hang of it. I like to stand close by so that if you do fall I can catch you, but I know that I soon have to back away so that you can learn to catch yourself. Is this my first lesson in letting go?

Although I still spoon feed you fruit, veggies and cereal you are now eating a lot of finger foods. You took to it extremely well, and LOVE to feed yourself. The problem is that you get only about 50% of the food in your mouth, so that is why I still have to spoon feed you. I need to make sure you get some in your belly! Each meal now takes a lot longer, but it’s fun to watch you try so many new things.

Ma Ma is now a word I hear every day. I know you are using the word indiscriminately, but soon enough I know you will be saying it and meaning me. That day will be such a special day.

As of now you still have no teeth! Not that I am in any rush or anything, but it seems that you have been in some pain/discomfort for some time now and that makes me sad. Sometimes I wish they would just pop through all ready to give you some relief. Maybe you will get a bunch at once so you won’t have to go through this again for a bit…

You are one special boy. I cherish our moments alone together. Whether we are rocking on the glider, playing with toys, or running errands you always make my day. I love you!