When my son was born we made a deal. We decided that he would never get sick, or hurt. Well my friends at 9 months he has broken that deal. My son officially has gotten his first cold.

Before you feel too sorry for me or him it wasn’t that bad of a cold, but it certainly was a cold (or maybe teething which I am told is the same symptoms). His nose was stuffy and runny, as were his eyes, and he was pretty miserable. His sleep was very interrupted. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be when you can’t blow your nose!

My parents were in town so it was VERY helpful having them here to pick up the slack. Especially with the nursing strike he was on. Not to mention just the added support with having a fussy baby. Actually….he wasn’t all that bad. Even with all the stuffiness he still smiled and tried to be happy. He is such a great kid.

I did end up taking him to the doctor to be sure his ears were clear. Was I being paranoid? Probably! But it made me feel better. The doc said that teething and cold symptoms are the same so who knows which it was. Either way I knew I had to take care of my little boy. I felt better after having him checked. At least I know all he needed was a lot of TLC.

Getting insurance for your child is one of the first things we did when he was born.  You know he will need vaccinations and checkups, but you hope he won’t need to see the doctor for other reasons. You hope that unlike other children, your kid will barely ever get sick. Or better never at all.

I know this cold was one of many in the future, but it still broke my heart see him suffer. I reminded him of our deal, so hopefully he can stick with it in the future. One can only hope right?