I am getting rather tired of  society trying to take inanimate objects and making them the root of all evil when it comes to children. Whatever happened to parents teaching their children right and wrong? The latest being the “breast feeding doll”. What are the news programs making it out to be? The newest cause of underage sex, and teen pregnancy. That’s right folks, this doll is going to make little girls grow up and become sluts.

I don’t watch the news because it depresses me, but I do tend to watch Good Morning America. I am not claiming that this is the best source of news, but it’s what I get and I like it. The other day they did a report on this new doll that mimics breastfeeding. This story also claimed that some parents are up in arms about this doll saying that, among other things “that it encourages young girls to get pregnant”. REALLY? A doll that is made for little girls, will promote teen pregnancy? When did breastfeeding become so dirty?

I guess I am just tired of the parents not owning up to their part in raising their children. Video games are not the reason kids are violent, and dolls will not cause little girls to want to get pregnant. Does anyone else hear how stupid it all sounds?? As a parent, if you are that upset with a product…guess what? Don’t buy it! That’s right…little children have no money!

Would I personally buy the doll? Doubt it (especially since I have a boy! lol), but I can see how it would be a great toy for a little girl who’s mom has a new baby. As a new mom I am well aware at how time consuming breastfeeding can be, and using this doll could be a way to allow your daughter to feel involved while you are spending time nursing the new baby. Not mention that its a DOLL folks! An innocent little doll. Have you seen those BRAT dolls?? Now those dolls are a different story..lol…but that is here nor there.

I am in no way an expert in parenting (obviously), but I am a firm believer that it is my job as a mom to teach my child right and wrong. Not toys, not teachers, not grandparents, not friends, not other parents…me. Yes, it takes a village for a child to become who they are meant to be…but the chief(s) of that village are me and The Captain. If I believe a doll, toy or game determine how my son will act in the future..I think I have much bigger problems!