Although I am new at the parenting thing, I can only guess that one of the major goals is to do your best to not screw you child up too much. Although there are some horrible parents out there (so sad), I have to believe that most of the time parents make choices based on what they think is in the best interest of the kid. Whether it be food they give them, activities they do or anything else I doubt that they think that by doing that certain thing they are setting the course for bigger problems down the line. That’s what scares me the most at this point. What if what I am doing now with our little guy sets me/him up for failure in the future. How do I know I’m not screwing up my kid?

I know, I know…you parenting pros out there are saying “Do your best, that’s all you can do”. I get that…but what if just a little tweak in something I am doing can make for easier transitions in the future? Sleeping for example. I REALLY want a good sleeper (don’t we all?) but how do I get that? I know it’s all about training. But what works for one, may not work for another…so what do I do? Christian sleeps in a bassinet in my room. At 10 weeks old I am thinking it may be time to move him to his crib. Maybe both of us will get more sleep…but am I being selfish? Is it too soon? Am I robbing him of his infant stage in my room? How about when I get up to feed him at night. How do I know that he is actually crying to eat and not playing me? What if by getting up and picking him up I am setting back his sleep schedule? If I let him cry what if he’s really hungry? How do I know I’m making the right choices?

He’s such a good baby (knocking on wood), that he really only fusses and cries when he is hungry or tired. So I basically know that when he cries he is hungry. So in my mind why would I let him cry if I know what will make him stop? Some people would say that I have to let him cry and fuss sometimes, that it’s good for a baby. But is it? Or am I just setting him up to get what he wants whenever he wants it?

I know I will never know if what I am choosing to do now will come back to haunt me. I wish I could…but what can you do? I guess I am just left hoping that my choices are the right one. But  my boy is healthy and seems to be happy so that’s all I can ask for.