Oh my goodness I can’t believe I am writing this letter to you dear little man. Two years old…I am almost speechless. As a matter of fact, it took me till even a few days after your birthday to write this letter because I needed to give it my full attention. In two years you have changed my world in so many ways. Each day you grow and learn so much I am in awe of you constantly. Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly time is passing and other times it feels like there was never another life before you. You make me smile every day, and you will never know or understand how precious you are. You are my buddy…my little man…and my partner in crime every day. My life revolves around you, and someday I am sure I will tell you it doesn’t, but you can pull out this letter and remind me it’s true. If 2 years of being your mom has taught me anything it’s that my life will always revolve around you, and I’m happy to have the job.

At two years old you weigh 25 lbs and are 35.5 inches. That puts you in the 85% in height and only 15% in weight. In all fairness you had a horrible stomach bug and didn’t keep any food down for days before your appointment, but you definitely are a string bean! I’d say your weight is directly correlated with the fact that you don’t eat too much. Your daddy and I say you eat like an early pioneer. Meat and fruit. That’s all. No carbs! I wish I could tell you what your favorite foods are but it changes every day. Big news is that I finally got you to eat some eggs and you eat those like a champ. You change your favorite fruit every day, and I most likely won’t have in the house the fruit that you ask for on that particular day. Like I said, food isn’t really your favorite. It’s something you tolerate, and use for fuel. Other than that you can take it or leave it. I find that rather frustrating, but maybe I will be thankful during the teenage years when you gobble down everything in site.

You are officially in a toddler bed and have been for a few months. You jumped out of the crib sooner than I would have liked but we adapted and are working on it. Nap time has been our biggest challenge with many naps being taken on the floor, but it will take it because I need you to nap forever. More recently you have been napping in your bed, but I don’t want to get my hopes up because every time I do I find you on the floor again. You are a good sleeper though and that makes me happy. You go to bed at 7:30 and sleep till on average 6:30. You love me to cuddle with you in your bed. It’s rather small but we make it work. When we lay you play with my hair and zone out. We are both pretty happy during our cuddle times. I know you won’t cuddle with me forever, but I hope it’s something we can share for a very long time.

You are saying more and more words each day. Most of them need me as a translator to others, but during our day I can usually understand what you are saying. You still are VERY addicted to your “wa wa” (pacifier) and I have a feeling that’s hindering your progress. I know I have to take it away, but selfishly I am not ready to deal with that. You get so excited when you learn a new word and I can understand what you are saying.

You certainly march to the beat of your own drum. I have a feeling it will be a challenge when you start school. I can tell because in Gymboree you decide what and when you want to participate in. Same goes for the rest of our day. Even though it’s your show, and I am trying to teach you that I am the director. Meaning I am the boss. You don’t always see that and my biggest and most frustrating challenge is teaching you how to behave in situations you don’t want to be in. I haven’t yet learned how to show you that it’s ok to be upset with out throwing an all out fit, but we’ll get there.

You are my Dr. Jekell and Mr Hyde all in one. You can be the sweetest most loving and caring little boy, but then turn into an absolute terror. You are a tornado and anything in your path is fair game. I feel bad some days when I get so frustrated with you because you are so defiant, but then you smile and hug me and all is forgiven. Your smile lights up a room. You can see when you are happy all over your face, and your laugh brings laughter to others. It’s so genuine. Then again your fits in a store also tell others how you are feeling. Someday when you are older I will point out an unruly child at the store to show you what you looked like at 2. It won’t be pretty.

Soon little man we will be moving into your new house. We will be leaving the home that you have always known and make a new home for us. This will be the home you grow up in. This will be the home you remember and I can’t wait to share every memory with you.

You are my everything little man. I can’t believe that you are two. I am not sure I will fully accept it until the day you turn 3 and then we have a whole other set of issues. Time moves so fast sometimes. I know you don’t feel it yet, but you will. Next week I will be looking into pre schools for you and I can’t even believe that there will be a day in my not so distant future that won’t include you in every part of it. I will try not to think of that day and enjoy every day that it’s just me and you.

You will never know how much I cherish these days little man. I promise you that no matter how frustrated you make me (and trust me you do), that I love every moment of being your mommy, and I am so thankful every day that your daddy allows me to stay home with you. It really is my dream come true.