If you are a stay at home mom, buying your children’s holiday presents can be difficult.  You can’t very well take the kids with you to go shopping for their gifts, but by the time your spouse gets home and you put the kids to bed, you’re looking at a late night trip to the store.  Who wants that after a busy day?

One of the best solutions is to do your shopping online.  Here are the many advantages to shopping for holiday presents online:

You can shop from the convenience of home.  Perfect times to shop online are while the kids are napping or after they are in bed at night.  If you get interrupted, the items in your cart will be waiting for you when you resume your shopping.

You will likely have a greater selection than at a brick and mortar store.  You can find a range of toys from Playmobil or other manufacturers at a number of stores’ websites, so if you don’t find what you need at one store, you can always look at another store’s website.

You can use discount codes.  Before you start shopping, search for an online discount code.  A great place to look is retailmenot.com.  Simply enter the name of the store that you will be shopping and look for discount codes.  If you find one, simply plug it in when you are checking out.

You may be able to score free shipping.  From Black Friday through December 25, many retailers offer free shipping when you buy online.  Not only are you saving time by shopping online, but you are also making the experience comparable to buying in the store because you don’t have to pay the cost of shipping.  Win win.

You can buy from others at a discount.  While you may first shop at big box retailers’ websites, don’t forget about alternatives like eBay.  Many people are selling brand new toys at a much cheaper price than you can find online in stores.

You can buy from deal sites.  There are many sites such as MamaSource that offer products that are ideal for holiday presents for a significant discount.  Subscribe to a few of the deal sites by e-mail and wait for the good deals to role in.

You can choose where to have the packages delivered.  If you have an older child who likes to snoop, you can always choose to have the gifts delivered to an accommodating relative or friend’s house.  Then your child can snoop all he wants; he won’t find any presents early at your house!

Online shopping offers many benefits.  You can shop from the comfort of your own home and save money by being a savvy shopper.  What is not to like?  Say goodbye to the late night shopping trips, put on your pajamas, and start shopping.

Post by Melissa