Everyone talks about the day their child was born. You hear about the labor and you try to remember it so that you can tell your kids forever about the special day they were born. Of course that day is special, but today I want to remember the day BEFORE my son was born. Tomorrow he is turning TWO! I am not sure if I am OK with that yet, and I will admit that I have cried about it when no one was watching a few times, but I don’t think I can stop it from happening. I am not sure it’s going to get any easier. Two years ago today I would find out that soon I would get to meet my son. Two years ago today I knew that I would get my dream of becoming a mom to come true. It really was a special time.

I just KNEW that I would go past my due date. All my friends had their kids before their due date, so the odds were against me. So you can imagine my surprise that at 38 weeks my water broke. I complained about a UTI a few days before and even wrote an baby eviction letter to my son. Maybe it wasn’t a UTI at all..maybe it was being in pre labor? I went out with two of my friends that night for dinner, all was normal. That is until 11:20 PM while reading “Gone with the wind” when my water broke! Captain Awesome will tell you it was the scariest moment of his life. He was downstairs and I yelled down to him that my water broke. He sprinted upstairs and grabbed the hospital bag. Too cute. It was then that I had to tell him it would be hours before something happened. I told him to sleep if he could….and you know what? HE DID!

I guess now that I think about it the day before he was born was like any other. I was tired, uncomfortable and extremely anxious to have my son. Most of all I was TERRIFIED of labor and the anticipation of what would come was almost too much to bear.

It’s funny how much I remember of that night. It was rather warm and rainy. I know exactly what I wore to the hospital. Funny thing was none of it was maternity clothes. What was I thinking?

I thought about labor every day, and I prayed my water would break so I’d actually know I was in labor. After my water broke, when my doctor told me that no matter what I’d be having my child the next day I was thankful to have a plan. All my dreams were about to come true. I had no idea how it would all play out, but I knew that December 1st would be my child’s birthday. And here we are.

Today I can’t believe that my son will be two years old. I can’t imagine a day with out seeing his smiling face, and I can’t believe how so many things can happen and change over 2 years. He is one amazing little boy.

Of course the two year post will follow….

The picture above is before contractions really started after my water broke. I make Captain Awesome take a pic for posterity. I’m glad he did.