Dear Christian,

When people ask me how old you are I immediately say 15 months and have to stop myself. It’s hard to believe, but you are 16 months old! You are now a little boy with your own thoughts and opinions (you kind of always had them), and now you are doing everything in your power to make sure you get exactly what you want. That my dear boy is where we sometimes butt heads.

You have officially switched to taking one nap a day. For a while you were teetering between one and two naps, and now you are officially down to 1. That means our days together are much longer, and your mommy needs to find things to keep you occupied other than the TV. Which by the way you like WAY too much! Diego, Dora and Mickey Mouse are your current favorites. In return you give me nice long nights. You go to sleep around 7 and sleep on average between 7 and 7:30. I hope you continue to be such a good sleeper!

I still hold you and rock you a bit after reading a book before naps and bed time. I think we both like that time together. You love to stroke my hair and hold your blue bunny while settling down. I was looking at your baby pictures the other day and can’t believe only 16 months ago you fit into the crook of my elbow. Luckily I got that bigger glider because I love that we are both still comfortable whether it’s just rocking or reading a book. I’m so glad we take this nice time together each day.

The pacifier is lovingly referred to as your “ma ma” or maybe it’s “maw maw”…either way it sounds like you are referring to me. I am not sure what I should think of this, or why you call it that…but at least I know what you want!

You don’t have much of a desire to verbalize what you want. You will say words when I ask you, but you rarely say them on your own. You choose to use sign language first, which is good, but I can’t wait for you to be able to tell me what you want. So we are still working on that. The doctor said you are ahead of the game with words so I guess we are good. Maybe your mommy needs to stop anticipating all your needs and should wait till you ask…I will work on that.

You did the most fantastic thing the other day. I was sitting on the floor not paying attention and you ran over and wrapped your little arms around my neck for a big squeezy bear hug. It was so amazing. Another one of my favorite things is your grabbing for my hand to walk somewhere. I know you won’t want to hold my hand forever so I will cherish every one I get. On top of all that you have turned into my cuddle bug. We hug and cuddle all day long and I revel in it. Am I making a Mommy’s boy? Maybe….but I will never turn down a hug and cuddle from you.

The horrid day has come where you have learned to shake your head no. I was always happy that everything I asked you came back with a nod of YES, but now I no longer have that luxury. Your defiant shake of the head is only the beginning. If I don’t immediately stop what you have said NO to you then decide to pitch one of your little fits. On numerous occasions I had to physically carry you out of a store like a football. We are at a cross roads where you want to walk everywhere, but you don’t yet follow direction very well. That leads to you dropping to dead weight on the floor when you don’t get what you want….not always a pleasant experience. Will you become my shopping buddy again?

I laugh when I watch you out in the world. One thing I can say is that you certainly have ALOT of personality. You walk into a room like you own the place. It’s funny to see in a little 16 month old. You still give the stink eye, which isn’t very friendly by the way, but I find it a bit funny. It’s hard to read your mood because it can change so quickly. Most kids can be distracted, but not you. If you want something, NOTHING will make you forget. That my dear is a challenge for your mommy.

We are on the move every day which can be exhausting. You keep me on my toes, you make me smile and you make me laugh. Sometimes your moods make me want to scream, but it’s all a part of our day. I am enjoying all of the ups and downs that come with being your mom….as always I am one lucky lady.

Love, Mommy