My son loves TV. Is it something I wanted to happen? No….but it happened none the less. Because of his obsession I do my best to keep him busy and out of the house so that we don’t have a tantrum when I refuse to turn the TV on. But really, the only reason I don’t turn it on is because other people make me feel bad about myself for allowing my kid to watch TV. Do I really think it fries his brain too much? No….therefore, most of the time I say SCREW IT, and turn on one of his favorite shows anyway. Yes…I will admit it dear readers….I let my son watch TV….and I am OK with that!

Did you know that they tell you to only allow your child under two to watch TV in 15 minute increments, and if they are over 2 to watch only 1 hour a day? Well my friends I do not follow that rule. My son is a VERY busy boy and runs around constantly, and TV is the one thing that makes him (and me) get to sit still for a bit. Yes, he zombies out a bit (or a lot) when it’s on, but it keeps me sane and for that I am thankful.

I work from home, and now that my son seems to only be sleeping an hour and a half a day I am struggling to find time to do my work. It is those times that I choose to pop on an episode of Diego, and get some things done.

Then there are those times that I just need a moment to myself. Whether it’s to fix dinner, or make a phone call, I just need a mommy moment, and the TV gives that to me. Is that such a bad thing? I know some people say they make it through with no TV at all, but I have to wonder how? How do you do it?

I am not saying I have the TV on all day. On the contrary…most of the day is spent with out TV. I put it on in the AM when we get up because I need some time to wake up, and drink some coffee before starting our busy days. I then have it on a bit while he eats lunch, then again around 4:30 when I pooped and need some time to myself. Maybe that does sound like alot…but oh well.

I do my best to keep my guy occupied, and do stimulating activities during the day…but it’s a long day. I have at least 10 hours to fill with him by myself, and if a few of them include a bit of Mickey Mouse, Diego or Dora so be it.

When I told The Captain I was writing this post he said “are you justifying this to yourself or to others”. My answer was “both….I’m just putting it out there”. So there it is. My son watches TV…..and he LIKES it! And so do I!!

Do you let your kids watch TV?