I need an intervention and I need one fast. It seems that someone has been serving me the crazy juice that all Long Islanders drink. The one that allows them to rationalize living here and paying the high housing costs and the high taxes. No, this is not another post bashing Long Island since it seems I am destined to live here. This post is to help me verbalize my thoughts so that I can maybe figure out WHERE I want to live. How do I know what’s important to me? I can’t have it all…so what wants stay and which ones go? The same theme keeps coming out though….Location, Location, Location.

So my dream is of a bigish house. Not massive (I’m not delusional) but a place where I don’t feel cramped, and all my stuff has a space. Not only do I want the house, but I want that house to have a nice yard. A yard that my son has room to run in. On top of that? I want that house to be in a good town/neighborhood. Sounds easy enough…but it’s not. Not here. I have so many ideas in my head as to what makes a good house, and after a bunch of research it seems that I am not going to get everything I want.

The town I currently live in is a good one. Good schools, and good reputation, and best of all….not much in my life would have to change if we found a house here. My friends would be the same distance, I could shop at the same grocery store, and The Captain and in laws can easily help me keep my work appointments and personal appointments by continuing to come over to watch the little man. Sounds perfect right? WRONG! This town is an expensive one. The house we can afford here will NOT be a big one. It will be a nice..modest house…with a small yard. So if we bought here I would get the location I want, but not the house I want.

I could go a little east. Not too far east, but enough to give us more house for our money. This town is also a good town with good schools. Only problem is that the town is HUGE and the houses we can afford run along the border, and this border is right next to some not so good areas. Areas I wouldn’t feel safe in. Here we could probably get the house and property we want, be in a good school district, but the location is no good.

Finally, there is another eastern town which would be the farthest away. Therefore, I am not in love with the location. Here, it is looking like we could get the house we want as well as the yard we want, and be in a descent school district. Not as good as the other two, but still good. I am not very familiar with this town at all, I just know I like the bigger colonials that we could afford. I am not thrilled about the distance away. You might think…20 minutes is nothing to commute. And you’d be right…but since I count on both my husband and my mother in law to watch my son so that I can work….it may just be too far.

So I obviously can’t have it all…so what do I find the most important? Where will I be the happiest? Will I be happy with a smaller house? Or will I just feel cramped again in a few years? Will I get the bigger house and hate my town? Will I hate the distance? What will work out? How do I know? Am I drinking the Long Island Crazy juice??

Someone please tell me where I want to live. This decision seems so HUGE!