The other day The Captain and I were talking about our dreams, and the dreams of our friends. There are people out there that talk about achieving something, and don’t stop till they get it. Then there are others that are happy doing what they are doing, and when asked about what their dreams are….they aren’t positive what that is. Captain Awesome falls in the latter category. He knows he is happy with life…that’s it. Then there is me. I grabbed my little guy and gave him a big squeeze, because I am well aware that I am living my dream….and it’s an amazing place to be.

I actually haven’t thought about it in a while. When I was going through all of my TTC struggles I remember always talking about wanting to reach my goal of being a mom. Not only did I want to be a mom, but I wanted to stay home with my son and enjoy every part of the day with him. And now….after everything I went through to get where I am today, I am doing EXACTLY what I have always wanted to do…..Be a stay at home mom. People have dreams about work, success, money…but not me. All my dreams revolve around my family. Yes, all the other things add to having success as a family…but for me, happiness is my family.

I can honestly say that I find a moment every day to be thankful for our situation. Whether it’s during play, or during quiet time I am reminded of how lucky I am. It’s so easy to get sucked into the day to day stress and forget about our dreams. How did I get so lucky?

So does it get better than this? I’m sure it does…but knowing that I get up every day and get to do EXACTLY what I feel I am meant to do is amazing. I hope everyone out there reading this can feel the same way…

Are you living your dream?

So I was just about to publish this when the little guy woke up in a VERY Cranky mood….I was blasted right back to reality and was reminded that not EVERY moment is great, and that my dream isn’t always easy. But what dream is right?  lol It’s all just the ups and downs of motherhood…