Random Thoughts: Blockbuster..Time To Get Your Own Ideas!

I was reading a post by the Multi Tasking Mama about cheap date night ideas and the idea given was to get a movie at a Blockbust kiosk. First of all I didn’t know Blockbuster had kiosks, but I should’ve guessed that would be coming since it seems the company hasn’t had an original idea in years! Second,  Blockbuster…here’s an idea…it’s time to get your own ideas!

I mean come on! Doesn’t anyone else see the pattern here? First Netflix comes on the market and allows people to have movies delivered directly to their mailboxes. This wonderfully amazing business model then  put Blockbuster in danger…I mean who wouldn’t choose this option? So what happened? Blockbuster started to give people this luxury too.

Next came Redbox and DVD Express. Personally I think this idea is genious! $1 for a movie?? All you had to do was go to a kiosk…give your credit card and the movie popped out! LOVE it! And now I am hearing that Blockbuster is having kiosks? Really? It’s even called Blockbuster Express… that sounds pretty much like DVD Express if you ask me!  I mean I get that they want to stay in business, and have to move with the competition…but maybe for once they can get an idea of their own and do it first?

I have boycotted Blockbuster for a while now since I found them to be over prices, and personally I think the other companies are superior…but finding this out has made me dislike them even more! Ok..rant over…Thanks for reading about my random thought of the day!

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16 Responses to Random Thoughts: Blockbuster..Time To Get Your Own Ideas!

  1. I know what you mean! When I saw Blockbuster’s “Blue Box” I was like “ARE you serious?!” I haven’t used them in years. Why should we? Redbox & Netflix are better anyways. And cheaper! Hello!

    • That’s how I feel! I think the newer ones are superior anyway! I never switched from Netflix to blockbuster even when they started mailing movies. I guess I am a loyal customer 😉

    • Well with the cost of movies at the rental stores being so high how can they stay in business? I mean I can either drive to the blockbuster store or order the movie through my cable company for the same price. Why leave? lol

  2. Wow! I had no idea someone would feel so strongly about this. Blue box, red box, I just care who is giving me great deals and is conveniently located to my house.

    • I guess I am lucky enough to have all of them very close to me, so I can be choosy. If blockbuster was my only choice for $1 movies I’d have to go with it, but it just makes me mad when I a big company like that goes after the little one with their own ideas…

  3. Blockbuster isn’t even trying anymore. Customers have complained for yrs and they are still 5 steps behind. No wonder they are closing all over the place.

  4. Your husband just shared this link with me – I actually just wrote a similar article about how BlockBuster is going downhill after not having adjusted to the changes in the industry. And I’m with you – I don’t frequent them either!

  5. We switched from Blockbuster Online to Netflix. They were constantly changing the rules, there were long waits for MANY movies, and their customer service was horrible. Netflix has been so much better.

  6. The blockbuster kiosk and redbox kiosk in my area often have a very different selection of movies so I enjoy both. Blockbuster should get their own ideas, but it makes sense from a business standpoint that they’re also going with the methods that work. If they don’t offer a competing kiosk and delivery service, they’re losing a vast amount of business in that area.

    • I totally get it from a business stand point, but as a consumer I want a superior product, and if you are the copy cat company then I’m just not interested! 😉

  7. I never really like Blockbuster, they always felt more expensive, and I like supporting the little local places anyway. Well until we got Netflix.

    I was once told by a boss when I worked at a local video store that Blockbuster edited their movies. At the time I thought it made sense, but upon further inspection, I’m thinking not so much. They still don’t really carry a lot of the unrated/NC-17 stuff. At least that I’ve seen.

    And they wonder why they are doing so poorly….

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