Wayne Rooney has become the latest – and youngest – celebrity to turn to a hair transplant to cure premature baldness. After Gordon Ramsay and James Nesbitt both enjoyed success with the treatment, the Manchester United and England star has turned to surgery in a bid to get his mojo back.

And unlike many celebrities, who pass off their newly flowing locks as being down to eating their crusts or a bit of hair gel, Rooney hasn’t been shy about revealing all about his treatments. He’s even been giving his Twitter followers regular picture updates on the growth of his follicles.

Could Rooney be leading the way for a new type of openness among celebrities about their cosmetic surgery? And, more importantly, would you want your man to have a similar treatment? Rooney’s wife Coleen has already been quick to underline that going under the knife was his decision, not hers. Writing on Twitter, she said: “Pleased for him and it will look great.”

But is this always the case? In the past, it’s usually been considered that women are more likely to have surgery to keep their man happy. But these days, with more and more men opting to go under the knife, the tables appear to be turning slightly.

At 25, Wayne is pretty young to even be considering this type of treatment. But what about men who married their wives with a full head of hair who find themselves heading into their 30s and 40s with a quickly-balding bonce? Is it acceptable for wives to want their husbands’ hair to be frozen in time? Everyone’s view will different. We all want to look good for our partners whatever age we are. But there has to be a little give and take. If you’re in a loving, stable marriage or long-term relationship, you’re supposed to love each other for who you are, not what you were or could be.

Of course, on the other hand, opting to have a hair transplant is a very personal decision. For many men, their self-worth is dictated by their hairline – and confidence can ebb away with ease hair that falls from their head, whether you’re an internationally famous footballer or a cardboard box maker from Walsall.

And so over to you – has your man had a hair transplant? Or has he considered it? Would you wish he would? Or are you dead set against the idea?

This post was a guest post by cosmetic surgery guru