August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week, and in honor of the week I thought I would look back and revisit my 8 month breastfeeding experience for myself and for all of you. Sometimes I hear from people and they tell me how hard it is, and all I can say to them is “Hang in there! It gets easier!”. Easier said than done right?

Reading my first post about the first month brings back so many memories. I am shocked at how calm the post read! I know I had a pretty good go at it, but I think the fact that my son was actually nursing at all overshadowed the struggles and the pain. My biggest fear was that I COULDN’T nurse, and the fact that I could left me ecstatic.

Sharing my pumping story allowed me to vent about my hatred of it. To this day I still hate to pump, and I only do so once a day! I find it tedious and annoying but I use the milk for my son’s food so I just have to suck it up and do it.

Sometimes the hard parts of the newborn stage are already fading into my memories. Like most things I really remember the joys more than the struggles. My first very bad day certainly would fall in the struggle category, and is a day I remember well. There were definitely others, but it’s good to be reminded that I can get through them and move on.

Wow, reading this Milk Supply post reminded me of some stressful days! Just like everything else when it comes to parenting, once you get the hang of something…things change! I forgot about those marathon feedings. Yikes! Bad news is that he still hates the right side!

I am so happy to have these posts to look back on and to remember. Check back in tomorrow for some more reminiscing in honor of Breastfeeding Week!