I am completely unorganized. It’s horrible and I know it, but that never stops my mess from growing. Some people say they take their free time to organize and I take that time to sit my butt on the couch to watch TV. That is why when I got the opportunity to attend the press event for the new Container Store opening in Garden City, NY, I bowed my head in shame and realized it’s time for me to get organized. How could you not, because that great store had so many wonderful items to help me do it!

The Long Island Container Store Review

It was great previewing the store with only about a dozen or so bloggers. We had the store to ourselves, and lucky for me the registers weren’t open yet because I think I would’ve bought out the store. It was a HUGE space and organized so well that one could easily find exactly what they are looking for. As a matter of fact, you could also find many things you didn’t even know you needed! And once I saw those things I wondered how I have ever lived without them!

Not only are there amazing things that you never even knew you needed (and now probably couldn’t live with out), The Container Store is even making it easier for you to buy those things. Get this….if you shop and order things online…you can drive to the store to pick it up, but get this. THEY BRING IT OUT TO YOUR CAR! New moms I highly recommend you doing this. Your kid fell asleep in the car? No problem! Curb side delivery is the way to go!

Did you see the picture at the top of the closet? Yes my dear readers, The Container Store can help you organize your closets! Their Elfa Design Center can help you customize a closet to fit your needs. Not to mention their staff is HIGHLY trained to steer you in the right direction.

From clear plastic shoe boxes, to wrapping aisles, to containers galore (get it?), The Container Store has stuck to it’s original intention to provide it’s customer with just that…ways to get organized. They say they leave the “Beyond” to other stores, and stick to what they know best.

This Long Island Container Store marks the first one of it’s kind here on the Island, and after 10 years of searching for the perfect location, they finally found one in Garden City. So take some time and stop on by. You won’t be sorry! I promise you will find so many items that you never even knew existed to make your home a more organized space.

The Container Store

The Gallery at Westbury Plaza

902 Old Country Road

Garden City, NY 11530