Christian  36

As I walk around my house I take so much pleasure at all the wonderful photographs of my son during his first year. They make me smile, and there is something to be said about having a professional photographer take your family pictures, because let’s face it….they are just better then the ones you take yourself. That’s when I realized I dropped the ball this past year. I got no portraits taken of our little guy, and now that he is 20 months I realized I better get to it! So I contacted my friend Marcus from Sig Shots, because I knew what an amazing photographer he is, and asked him to take some portraits of our little guy. I told him what a challenge it would be since my son no longer sits still, but he took on the challenge like a champ and got AMAZING Shots!

Marcus is a NJ/NY based photographer only 15 minutes outside of Manhattan. When asked his style of photography he uses the word “cinematic”. His goal is to achieve a very commercial look with keeping with the spontaneity of the moment, and that is exactly what he does. With his professional lighting equipment it feels like you are the star of a magazine photo shoot.

The best thing about Marcus is that he is flexible and accommodates whatever needs you need met. Since my son won’t sit still I suggested that we hit up a park to catch him on the run. Marcus was so patient with my Christian. It must be a huge challenge to photograph a toddler since our little man gave him attitude and a run for his money. There we got every type of shot. Portrait….action….and even fun shot of my little man playing in his natural element…The Playground!

Marcus believes that you can get amazing studio quality shots in the comfort of your own home. Even though we went to the park, Marcus wanted to show us his specialty which is at home portraits. He believes that there you can capture so many “real” moments in a space that is special to you and your family. Can you believe these shots were taken in my son’s bedroom?

Even our Tinkerbell was a model and got in on the action. Since she is my first baby I am so happy to get these pictures! There aren’t too many opportunities to get pictures of her…or at least ones she would stand still for!

For more information and photography rates for Sig Shots be sure to check out . I have worked with many photographers over the last year and a half and I found working with Marcus to be a wonderful experience. My favorite part? Having the photography studio brought into my own home. Now that my dear readers is a wonderful thing!