Lulu Bi Chocolate Martini 011

It’s no secret that I am a total wino. Just check out the After The Alter Facebook page to some funny e-cards that I like to share regularly. Can you just picture me sitting at my computer laughing to myself? Man am I hilarious sometimes! But I digress…just because I am a self proclaimed wino doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy other types of cocktails. On the contrary! Where do you think Martooni Thursday came from? That is why I was so excited to try some of Lulu B’s cocktails! With less calories and more natural ingredients you will feel much LESS guilty indulging in these cocktails. Not that calories have stopped me from indulging in the past, but knowing that certainly helps!

Lulu B. Guild Free Cocktails

Lulu B.’s Fabulous Cocktails provide guiltless, convenient, and authentic cocktail combinations, making modern entertaining with your girlfriends easy! (did I say girlfriends? Captain Awesome LOVED the Chocolate Martini!)  Each of the Lulu B. Fabulous Cocktails start with a base of premium spirits, then are infused with natural fruit, herb or chocolate flavor extracts and aromas, a la aromatherapy in a glass! Bottom line? It’s so yummy!

I tried both the Chocolate Martini and the Margarita. Both cocktails come ready to pour over ice. With only 43 calories the chocolate martini is like dessert in a glass, but the good news is it isn’t too sweet. Coming in at only 38 calories, the Lulu B. Margarita tastes as good as the ones you might mix up in a pitcher at home. I had some help tasting these cocktails, and if you think they are only for the ladies you are mistaken. Captain Awesome will tell you that his favorite is the Chocolate Martini!

So next time you have a party I recommend giving these cocktails a try. It’s extremely easy to just buy these bottles that are ready to serve. No more mixing and buying a ton of ingredients. Lulu B. is also in the wine business. I have my eye on a few of those so that I can bring them into my wine repertoire. Pino Noir?? Yes please!

I was provided with samples of Lulu B. Cocktails for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.