The day is finally here…the day where the decision will finally be made as to who will lead our country for the next 4 years. What I am most excited about is that hopefully I won’t have to see people political thoughts on facebook all day. Why? Because no one cares. No one changed their minds because of your status update, and as a matter of fact I am pretty sure the billions of dollars that went into the campaign didn’t change anyone’s mind either. But I digress….I am happy that today it will all be over, and I am writing this random thought today to say that I really hope that after the winner is announced we all can ban together as a country and move on.

The only power we have is to vote. Once your vote is made it is all out of your hands. The winner will be who it’s meant to be no matter how much you bash the other candidate or argue with your friends. It will no longer matter what you think. There WILL be a winner. If the winner is not who you voted for then I give you permission to get angry….then get over it.

No matter what your political beliefs are you have to admit that we, as a country, need help. Whining about what you think to your friends and neighbors mean NOTHING! Emails…facebook posts…tweets….NOTHING until you do something about it. Write letters…support those in government, and if you don’t do something to change it.

I’m tired of people thinking that someone else is going to change your life. You gotta play the cards you are dealt with. Things can change. Make it happen.

If you aren’t happy with the winner then help your local government….state government…or even your school. Make a petition, write a letter do something….or shut your mouth. Is that mean? Maybe….but it’s how I feel. I no longer want to hear anyone bashing the new president. It happened. And that person will be president for 4 years…move one.

So I think the thing I’d like you to take away from this? Stop your whining. I thank you for all your input about why you like your candidate but after today it doesn’t matter. Let’s all be friends again!

Do you agree?