Last Tuesday, October 30th was my Tinkerbell’s 8th birthday. I wrote this post to go up then, but due to the storm could not. Happy Birthday to my Tinkerbell!

As I write this, Captain Awesome has gone out for the night, I am sitting on the couch with a nice glass of wine and I am catching up on my shows. Next to me is my trusty companion Tinkerbell….my best friend. As she snuggles up next to my leg I can’t help but think about what an important part of my life she has been. As we are coming towards her 8th birthday I find myself reflecting on how much she’s brought to this little family, and how much she means to me. This tiny 3.5 lb dog means the world to me, and to be honest she has since the moment I brought her home.

I always am amazed at how important a pet can be in a family. Did you read the book “Marley and Me” (if not you really should)? That story followed a dog and his owner through so much of his life, and I can’t help but compare to to my Tinkerbell. I got Tinkerbell at a really low point in my life when I was lost. The Captain was in law school, I was lonely, and confused about what would come next. He was always so busy, and the moment I brought Tinkerbell home I knew she would be my companion and she was. She was my baby (and still is).

Tinkerbell has seen me low, and high, was there for me when we got engaged, was there when I got dressed in my wedding gown, she was there licking my tears when I had my miscarriage, and was laying right next to me when my water broke before our son came into this world. Other then my husband, no one else has been there through it all. That my dear readers is a special bond.

I don’t think she’s extremely happy with becoming a big sister. As a matter of fact I think she hates it. This new chapter has left her missing the “good old days”. But what can I do? She still is my best buddy.

I feel lucky to have such a trusty companion by my side. So many others thought I was silly to be so, shall we say, obsessed with my dog from the start. But I don’t care. I stayed home nights so she wouldn’t be home alone, made sure she always got attention, and treated her like one of the family. Why? Because she is…and still is, and always will be. She will live forever….

Do you agree that a pet is part of the family?

Photo courtesy of Sig Shots