Exercise is good for everyone, even the pup that you own. You want to make sure that they’re getting their daily dose of exercise in when it counts. This comes from being able to run around, to play a game or even just to take a stroll down the road. When you do these things with your pup, not only are you helping them stay healthy, but you’re creating a lifelong bond that is not going to be broken easily. Here are some general guidelines that you can follow for exercising your puppy.

Is Your Puppy Getting Enough Exercise?

Puppy training can be exercise enough sometimes, depending on what is being taught in the class. Additionally, you can ensure that you’re also exercising right along with them. This can be a group effort, and can keep everyone healthy.

Smaller dogs do not need loads of room to get their exercise, and they might not even need a lot of time for it either. Short, brisk walks throughout the day or a large area for them to run through a couple times might be all that is needed.

Medium to larger dogs need many walks throughout the day, or a few longer ones to keep up with their exercise needs. They should also have a lot of space outdoors where they can run and play games. This ensures that they’re working their muscles as much as possible.

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