On Saturday October 30, 2010 our little Tinkerbell turned 6 years old! She is such a mature middle aged woman now, but she will always be my baby. Last year I wrote an “Ode To Tinkerbell” and figured I said it all best then, so I might as well repost that one to honor her special day!! Happy Birthday little girl!

Everyone deserves that special day to celebrate them being born, and to celebrate all the love that they bring to this world. That is what I want to do today. Today, October 30th 2009 is my little Pomeranian Tinkerbell’s 5th birthday, and today I want to share with you all the wonderful dog she is. Happy Birthday little girl!

I was one of the first of my friends to get a dog. I lived in an apartment which had a “no dog” policy, and had to fight my landlord for over a year to let me have one. Captain Awesome was in law school and I spent a lot of time alone. I knew that I needed a dog in my life to keep me company and to keep me sane. That’s when little Tinkerbell came into my life. It was January 17thwhen I picked her up from the breeder. She was 2.5 lbs, and very scared. We attempted to keep her in a crate, but with in a couple of weeks she was already sharing our bed.(she owned us even then) I call her our little cuddle bug, because she just wants to be near you.

I always call Tinkerbell my angel. My friends laugh at how much I baby my dog, but I am pretty positive that I could never give to Tinkerbell even a fraction of what she gives to me. God couldn’t have sent me a more perfect animal to act as my companion. Some may call her a Diva, but I just say she knows what she wants. She even decides when she deserves treats. My husband says that she owns me, but I say, why shouldn’t she choose when she gets a treat….you and I get to choose when to eat something. He normally just rolls his eyes.

Tinky always finds the best spots to cuddle. She is the best spooner around, and will find the most comfortable crevice to get into between pillows or stuffed animals. When it’s time to play Tinky loves fetch. She will play the game forever!!! The captain is the one who taught her tricks…she can sit, lay down, and turn around. He has tried other tricks but they don’t seem to stick….it’s not that she’s stupid…it’s just that she doesn’t want to learn. Sometimes you tell her to do something and she looks at you and pretty much says “screw you!”.

Tinkyhas been with me for so many ups and downs. She licks away my tears, and dances for joy for all the good things. As you can see in the pictures, she was even part of my wedding day! She wouldn’t leave my side (as you can see her sitting on my dress while the photographer tried to take pictures)

Tinkerbell is a typical only child. Being an only child can go 1 of 2 ways…either the child thrives on being with other children, and gets excited when they get the chance…or that child thrives on being with their parents, and almost shys away from others…Tinkerbell would fall in with the latter…she loves to be with me and The Captain, and could pretty much care less about being around other dogs. I personally think she sees herself as a human. If Tinkerbell could talk I think it would be with an English accent and her favorite saying would be “They are so juvenile!” when referring to other dogs.

So happy birthday my little girl. You are the best dog companion a girl could ask for. Here’s to many more years of friendship!