This post is a little late due to Hurricane Sandy. Still wanted to get it out there!

Dear Christian,

I can’t believe I am writing a letter for your 23rd month. You are almost 2 years old and I am in utter disbelief on how that can be possible. You are the most fantastic little boy and I am so proud of you. You grow more and more each and every day and sometimes I think you teach me more than I teach you!

I have trouble with the fact that you are getting so big so fast, but I truly enjoy watching you take it all in. This year you found so much more excitement in carving your pumpkin and going trick or treating. This year we had a bit of a costume debacle (I lost it in our storage unit), found a new costume which you didn’t want to wear, and in the end bribed you with a lolly pop to get it on. Yes, your mother bribed you and I am pretty positive it won’t be the first time that happens. Due to one of the worst storms of the century, Hurricane Sandy, we were forced to trick or treat at the local mall, but luckily it didn’t matter to you. You bravely went to each store in your spider man costume and said your own version of “trick or treat”!

You’ve gotten much better at sleeping in your toddler bed although you spend many a nap still sleeping on the floor in Tinkerbell’s dog bed. You stay in bed at night, but for some reason during your nap you insist on sleeping sprawled out on the floor. I’m sure you’ll get it eventually. I still love our cuddle time before bed, and I love that each morning you take my hand and guide me into your crib. Thus far it’s held both of our weight as we snuggle. Thank goodness! I’m sure it’s not meant for adult weight but how could I say no to a cuddle?

You are saying more and more words each day. If you can’t say a word your dad tries to teach you the sign for it and you are getting good at that too! You can say Nana and papou and you made your own words for your Grandma and Grampy. They are Jajew and pee pee! Not sure if that will stick but for now I think it’s cute and you are so proud of yourself. I am now mommy and your da da is now daddy (most of the time). I am your translator because I am able to take what you are saying in the context you mean it. A lot of words sound the same, but I am so proud of you for making such strides.

Your favorite movie at this time is Disney’s Cars 2. We watch that over and over again. It has taken the place of lion king and Madagascar as your favorite, but we still get those in the mix too. Favorite shows switch day to day. Diego and Max and Ruby stand out as favorites, but recently Mickey Mouse has been in the mix. You and I are lucky that I don’t mind the monotony of these shows. We watch the same ones over and over again and you don’t notice and I don’t mind. It’s a win win!

Dear boy I think soon we will be moving into the home where you will grow up. Your daddy and I found ourselves a wonderful house and we can’t wait to start our life there. I know soon we will be leaving the only home you have ever known, but I have a feeling you will take to it well. I think you will love your new yard with room to run and play. I just can’t wait!

I love you more than words little man and as usual I am so blessed and happy to be with you every day. I can’t believe you soon will be 2 years old. Where did this year go?

Love, Mommy