GRRRRRR! So I’m at the grocery store, and not just any grocery store…it’s the arch nemesis one that is way to crowded. (aka Shop rite, but you can read more about my hatred for grocery stores here) Anyway, I suck it up and run into the store, because I only need a couple of things..mainly bread. I grab a basket, fight my way through cart traffic, and cart collisions to grab my 5 items…yes I said 5 because I wanted to make sure I was able to go into the 5 items or less express lane. I get to the line and find the 10 item lane to be better and I wait. Finally I am next and to my shock and horror the woman in front of me stands there and waits till the check out lady bags her groceries…I mean come on!!! Seriously Folks…..Bag your own groceries!!!!

So what do I do? I give her my best “I am shocked by your behavior” look.  I mean really. How hard is it? You look behind you and see people waiting and you are just too good to start putting items into bags while the lady is scanning the rest? The answer is you aren’t too good…you are a stuck up idiot! I know I Bitch and Moan about Long Island people all the time but I have to ask…is this something that happens everywhere? It can’t just be the arrogant people here? Can it? I mean for your sake I hope that it is, because MAN is that annoying!

I have even had this happen to me when I am in the regular check out line when there is a ton of groceries. It takes forever! One of my favorite grocery stores has people to bag your groceries. That is so nice and convenient. I always smile and say thank you when they bag my groceries, because  let’s face it…it’s really a time saver. Do you know what’s not a time saver??? The stupid people who don’t bag their own groceries!!

So here is a Public Service Announcment…..if you are one of THOSE people try to remember one thing. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE in line is looking at you like you are an idiot. They are just too nice to say it out loud and if you look closely I am sure you too are getting the “I am shocked by your behavior look”. That look still brings back memories from my childhood…my mom was REALLY good at that look.

Anyway…Vent over! Thank goodness I have my blog to keep me sane!