Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Today is the day that everyone WISHES that they were Irish! Ya I said it…it’s the day where everyone drinks lots of beer and wears green. It is also the day 9 years ago that The Captain and I started our relationship. St. Patrick’s Day is our original anniversary!

So picture 20 year old Jen, and 19 year old Captain Awesome on St. Patrick’s Day in college…we were seeing each other for a little while, but had yet to be labeled “boyfriend and girlfriend”. Can you imagine the romantic encounter that ensued? HA! Ya right! It was really just two drunk people rambling about how we should be together. I mean who else but us? (if you know us you know that it fits) I laugh sometimes when I think of our romantic journey. Alot of our early moments happened at a bar….we met at a bar, had our first kiss at a bar and even began dating at a bar! But thinking about it makes me smile because it really fit us perfectly. (sad but true!)

I am really lucky that every year for the past nine years we took the time to recognize this day. And that hasn’t stopped since we got married. I think The Captain thought that it would, but he was mistaken! I am a firm believer in celebrating the good things…and this is a great thing! So why not?

So Happy St Patrick’s Day to all of you honorary Irishman (if you were wondering I am Irish! OK, well 1/2 Irish) Wear your green proud and be sure to slug a beer and think of me! Today I will forgo  the martooni’s and support my heritage instead. Slainte!!!