When I was little I was always amazed with Psychics. I always wanted to get my palm read, or my tarot cards done. I am not sure why this was, but for some reason I liked the idea that someone could tell me my future. As a matter of fact if someone could tell me my future right now in regards to TTC I think I would be a happy woman! So when people on one of my favorite chat boards, www.lifamilies.com, started talking about Brooke the Psychic, I just had to see what all of the fuss was about!

Brooke is an online psychic. As most psychics you have to pay for her services, but I found the price to be very minimal, especially for what I was looking for. A one question reading is $12.50. This worked for me because my question for Brooke was when will I conceive. So I paid through paypal. Brooke requests that you ask your question, send in a picture of yourself, as well as give your full name, as well as the full name of anyone else who may be involved in the reading. In my case I gave my picture and name, as well as Captain Awesome’s.

You might think I’m crazy, but with the amount of money I spend on HPT’s, OPK’s, and acupuncture, I figured why not give into my curiosity. And you know what?? I LOVED my reading! It’s probably because the outcome was a positive one, but Brooke really told me everything I wanted to hear.

Hi Jen….Do you have other children? Three children came up in the cards. Two girls and a boy. They may be showing future children!  I’m getting a timeframe of “soon”! Between NOW and end of April for conception/find out. A GIRL appears for this pregnancy!

Let me know when you get your BFP!



How great is that?? Now I will publically tell everyone I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s healthy, and I will deny it if you say otherwise. But since it’s just between you and me I have always wanted a little girl first. And that was Brook’s prediction! Also, I originally wanted 3 kids (my family has 2 girls and a boy), but right now I am not sure if I can EVER do this again…so if you asked me right this second I’d say I only want 1 kid. (I’m hoping this sentiment will change)

You can ask Brooke anything you want. It doesn’t have to be about TTC. You can even do a two question reading for $20. No matter what it was fun. If you think she gives the same answer to everyone your wrong. If you go into LI Families, under the TTC board you can see a thread of comments all sharing their Brooke readings. So we will see what comes true. I really hope she was right about me!