As I write this, I have just sat down after running around like a crazy person getting packed up for my trip to Pennsylvania to be with my family for the holidays. Recently, all my trips out of town have been weekend trips, but since I will be gone from Tuesday-Sunday, with many different types of outfits required, the packing time took a little bit longer.

Holiday packing takes a little more effort than normal. Holiday packing not only includes clothes, it includes all the wrapped presents that I got for my family and husband. I am not sure what will happen once we have children, because just the amount of STUFF that is needed for me, The Captain and Tinkerbell fills up a car!

 I am leaving a day before The Captain, but that doesn’t mean I get out of packing for him. Some may ask why I pack for him…and sometimes I ask myself the same question. I think the answer is that I  pack for him to save him from himself. I think it actually saves me from the headache of dealing with the stuff he FORGOT to pack once we get to our destination. I may regret that I started this trend in the future…I think I already regret it now.. but at least I leave with the knowledge that he will be well overpacked!

So tomorrow me and Tinky jump in the car and begin our holidays a bit early. We have a busy schedule lined up over the next couple of days. Then Wednesday night I get reunited with my Captain Awesome. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband, and I can’t wait to spend our 2nd Christmas as a married couple together. Christmas time 2009 here I come!