I am a person that has a horrible time with change. In my world change is bad…bottom line. I get that change is a part of life, but it’s definitely a part that truly scares me. One big area where I find change to be bad is during the holidays. Growing up, Christmas was such a magical time…I loved all of our  family tradtions …I should say love our family traditions because they still are important to me to this day…but sometimes I have to wonder what happened to the way it was? What happened to all the Christmas magic?

As the years go on little pieces of the traditions fall to the way side. I try with all my might to keep it the same…but it’s impossible. Each of my 2 siblings are 3 years apart, and as each of us grow we are forced to change. It started when I went to college, then my sister, then my brother. As we got older we were forced to accept the change. And life goes on. Each year I do my darnedest to keep it the same. I am so happy that The Captain accepts this part of me.

When did the holidays become about doing the “right thing”? When did they become about traveling from one family to the other…and fitting everything in so you can make everyone happy? Is that what being an adult is all about? Did my parents feel this way when I was a child? I feel like I give ALOT in other aspects of my life…but one aspect I will not budge on is Christmas. I will do everything I can to keep the magic alive…and when I have children, I will hope to bring the magic to them.

So this year I struggle to believe in the magic of the season. This year has been a little harder than most. But it helps to be surrounded by the people that  I love…and it helps that my memories make the magic real.