In the spirit of the season I will be taking some time off from blogging to spend some quality Christmas time with my family. But I wanted to leave behind a funny post I made a couple of months ago that got a big comment response. Be sure to read the comments and chime in with your own! They are pretty funny!

Ok…I am looking to have a very serious, open and honest adult conversation here. When I say conversation I mean that I really want feedback from my readers. That means everyone. Men and Women. This conversations is for those in relationships and for those who are married.  Some people might read this and think I am insane for bringing it up, but one of my friends requested that I blog about this and I am going to do it…To put it eloquently I want to talk about bodily functions..

In relationships we take the good with the bad. It’s always nice to talk about the nice things and the personna we show in public. But as people say you never know what goes on behind closed doors! This past weekend a male friend of mine texted my husband along with other men asking this simple question…Have you ever passed gas ON your wife/girlfriend. A simple statment like that started a big to do with the men and my friend decided he wanted to poll people to find out what others find appropriate behavior when it comes to flatulence in a relationship. What is appropriate? Does it differ between men and women. I found this question to be very interesting, and although we are all adults I find that we act like children when it comes to this subject. I can’t throw stones because I certainly act like a child when someone mistakenly lets one go…but I think I can be adult enough to hear what others have to say.

I have been with my husband about 9 1/2 years and over that time have never intentionally passed gas or done any sort of bathroom business in front of him. He on the other hand isn’t as courteous. Many ask me why I allow it to be that way, and my response is I have no idea?? I really don’t. My husband hates it so I don’t do it? My friend who wanted the poll on the other hand…we’ll call him “J” let one go directly on his wife’s leg…she then told him that it was completely inappropriate to do that. BUT…I do know that his wife is comfortable enough to be free with her bodily functions in front of him…so I guess to each their own.

So here is the question to my readers. What is appropriate and what is not? Should women be allowed to be free in their own home to be less than lady like? Do rules apply to women that do not apply to men?

Don’t be afraid…go ahead and answer!!