Happy Holiday’s everyone! I hope no matter what you celebrated that you had an amazing time. Here in my household we celebrate Christmas. And when I say celebrate Christmas I mean we seriously enjoy the holiday. No joke. I have so much on my plate these days, but I was so happy to take a step back from it all to have a fabulous time with my family. I have spent the last 4 days in PA with my family, and I gotta admit it’s been a fabulous vacation for me. I feel relaxed and refreshed.

What do you get when you take presents, Santa Claus, a lot of attention, family, and snow?? A VERY happy little boy who has had the best Christmas. Our holiday started Sunday with the festivities starting with my inlaws, and the celebration then traveled to PA where Christmas was seriously celebrated on Monday and Tuesday. Even better? It snowed, and my brother (who I think enjoyed it as much as my little man) helped him to enjoy it to the fullest with snowball fights, sledding and even a snowman. I am not sure it could get much better than all that.

I personally got a real vacation this week. My little man slept well, was in good spirits and even was happy to play with someone other than me. That is a huge win. My mom took the little guy in the morning so I could sleep in. I napped almost every day when he did. Dinner was made for me…things were cleaned up… bath was always given by someone else…am I making you jealous yet? As I sat and rocked my little man before putting him to bed I thought about how NOT exhausted I was. It was a great feeling. A lot of the little burdens of the day were taken off of me, and I was truly thankful for that. (Thanks mom!)

The holidays are about family and I am truly blessed to have an amazing one (both Captain Awesome’s and my own). Everyone enjoyed being together and seeing the joy in our little man’s eyes. Nothing is better than that.

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone and we are soon to enter 2013. I will soon been making the trip back to NY and back to my crazy life where so much is unknown and stressful. At least for a short period of time I got to relax and enjoy the holiday. It was great.