You likely tired yourself out with all of the shopping you had to do for others in preparation for the holidays.  Many others feel the same way and think that now is the time to take a break from shopping, but it is actually the best time to shop, if you want to find a good deal.   For a stylish woman who wants to stay on a budget, now is the perfect time to peruse the sale racks.

Shopping for New Year’s Eve

Many retailers want to clear out their holiday collection of dresses.  Stores such as Pure Collection offer dresses that may have been previously out of reach financially, such as a luxurious cashmere cowl neck dress, at steep discounts.  That particular dress was originally $274, but it is on sale now for $164.  You’ll save $110.

If you want something flirtier for New Year’s Eve, you can choose between a wrap jersey dress with a nice v-neck dip (think the dress that Kate Middleton made popular when she publicly announced her engagement to Prince William) or an animal print jersey.  Animal prints seem to always be in style, and they send a message that you live on the edge.  (Even if you don’t.)

Shopping to Replenish Your Wardrobe

In addition to purchasing a holiday dress or two, now is also a good time to spruce up your current winter wardrobe.  While many warm dresses such as sweater dresses are perfect for this time of year, retailers are slashing the prices to clear inventory because they are already preparing to display their spring lines.

Buy a few pieces now at a deep discount.  Not only will you be able to wear them for the remainder of this winter, but they should also be in excellent condition next fall when the weather turns colder.  Continue to shop this way, and you can wear stylish clothes without ever paying retail.  This can make dresses that were previously too expense affordable, even if you are on a budget.

While shopping for dresses and winter clothes, don’t forget to look at winter shoes and boots which also might be on clearance.  This is also a good time to buy a new winter coat to save for next year.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to say goodbye to style.  With some smart, strategic shopping techniques, you can dress stylishly, and no one needs to know that you paid less than retail.

Post by Melissa