I sometimes wonder where time goes. I can not believe that we just celebrated the July 4th weekend! I have a sinking feeling that this summer is going to fly by, and I am pretty sad about that. Summer brings out all of my favorite things and as sad as it is, once we hit July reminders of the eminent colder weather will begin to surface. Do they really need to start selling fall clothing now? And Halloween decorations? Give me a break!

I find it amazing that soon the time will come where the bathingsuits and summer clothes are all sold out. This is when the fall clothing starts to appear on the racks, and any item that you would want to buy to wear now is a thing of the past. This is very hard for me to wrap my brain around. Why do I want to buy a sweater now that will just sit in my closet for months? Maybe I’ll gain or lose ten pounds by November…do I want a pair of pants that fit me now if they won’t fit me then? Right now my fall/winter clothes are in a bin in my attic. I have zero clue what I will want or need next season.

Another baffling thing is the seasonal decorations. I am a HUGE fan of decorating for each season. I have bins of items that come out with each corresponding season. But with the fall/Halloween decorations coming out now, I have no idea what items I will need until I open my bin! And by the time I do decide what I need the stores have moved on to the next season! Can I be the only one who finds this annoying? Do people really buy things now that will not show up in their homes for another 3 to 4 months???

I have been off shopping for a while now, so I guess it helps that I don’t have to see the transition in the stores. It will just bother me more. I will stick to enjoying the summer weather and get the most out of the current season that we are experiencing. No need to rush the cold by any means. So now I will say welcome to July! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!