Why is it that American women are always so ashamed of their bodies? Have you ever been on a beach in Europe or on a Caribbean island and found both men and women wearing tiny bathing suits or nothing at all? Not to mention that those people are no where close to being super models, and most of the time you think to yourself….man! that man/woman should NOT being wearing that! I know I certainly have, and then think to myself…well why shouldn’t they? Why are we so self conscious?

I know the answer. It’s the fact that the media makes us believe that unless we are a size 0 with a 34 C chest that we should be wearing nothing but a cover up when at the beach. The less skin the better. What happened to the days of Marilyn Monroe? When a size 12 was the average pin up model’s size, and curves were sexy? I keep telling myself that fashion is going to go back to that…but so far…nothing!

I myself would not be considered a “big” girl, and I have to admit I can’t get myself to wear a string bikini. Last summer was the first summer in a long time I rocked the bikini. Before that I felt my stomach was flabby and wore the trusty tankini. This year I tried to be brave and bought a very nice red string bikini. I thought my husband would love it. I tried it on in the store. I was very self conscious but I wasn’t sure if I was being silly…or if I really looked awful. So I bought it and brought it home to show my husband. I told him to be honest…and to tell me if I looked fat. Well that was mistake number one because his response was that there was no way he would ever tell me I looked fat in it. He said no matter what he was telling me I looked good…I guess that is sweet of him, but I really wanted an honest answer (I think, although I guess it could’ve been a trap) In the end he said he thought I looked great…but since he prefaced the conversation with the fact that he would tell me that no matter what I had to go with my gut…I just wasn’t comfortable. I was in no way sexy enough to rock that particular bikini…so I returned it.

I gotta admit though, that my favorite bikinis are from Victoria’s Secret.  Although they are expensive early on in the year they run great sales. Like now, if you go to their site  you will find many of their suits to be less than those at Target or Khols. Plus, I find their bottoms don’t cut into my belly. Also, they sell suits mostly by bra and pantie size so you can order online and get a great fit!

So ladies, I think it’s time we look at ourselves in the mirror and feel sexy. Buy one sexy bikini that you normally wouldn’t wear around your friends and wear it on vacation. If anything just so you can feel good and get a great tan in the areas that normally don’t see the light of day. Say Screw You fashion magazines! Real women wear bikinis too!