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Look out world here comes Tessa! I can’t believe how quickly you get around these days little one! Between rolling and semi crawling you can get from one side of the room to the next very quickly! It’s hard because you HATE being confined for any period of time, but I can’t leave you alone on the floor because there are just too many risks with your brothers toys. As much as we try to be careful somehow you seem to find the most dangerous ones, and if it’s not a toy its some little piece of paper, or tissue on the floor that you could choke on. It was a lot easier with your brother because we didn’t have small things around for him to eat. I guess it’s time to baby proof this place!

I can see your little personality coming out strong. I worry we will butt heads someday because I have a feeling you will be a strong willed little girl. You cry when I leave the room, but when I hold you you push me away. It’s a bit confusing dear one. You certainly aren’t a snuggler, but you want me close by at all times. One of your favorite places to be though is in the ergo carrier though. You are very happy doing my chores with me around the house, or cooking dinner. We do that a lot. The problem is that those chores take me twice as long with you on my chest! Oh well, we make it work.

Food still isn’t your favorite thing. You can pretty much take it or leave it like your brother. Funny thing is that I attempted giving you one of those squeeze packets and you seemed to like that best! You prefer to do things on your own and you are able to hold the packet and eat it. Kind of surprising at 7 months, but if it works I’ll take it. Your favorite food may actually be sweet potato though. Not the yummy fruit mixes, but sweet potato. Maybe I can get you to eat more than I did your brother. You are my second chance!

Sleep isn’t necessarily your thing. We have no schedule at this point. If we are on the go you fall asleep in the car which harms your naps in the crib. It seems that you are transitioning to the two naps, but it’s hard when we are on the run. I do my best little one. I really do try to allow you to sleep in your crib. That means that errands don’t get done, and I am stuck home a lot, but it’s worth it. Sleep is so important. You still wake one time at night. Never the same time though. Some will tell me to let you cry it out, but I just can’t. I still feel you are hungry because when I go in you claw at my chest. So I feed you. I am just hoping that soon you will sleep straight through. I must admit I’m so tired.

You still refuse to take the pacifier, so I am guessing that will never happen. I wish you would. I feel some comfort is good for a baby! If it’s not the pacifier I would think a lovey, or something of a favorite thing would replace it but there doesn’t seem to be. I keep pushing the pink bunny because your brother loves his blue one so much, but the jury is still out. What will be your favorite thing?

You find your brother hysterical. No matter what he does you laugh. You light up when he comes in. I’d say for him more than anyone else! As you start to take his toys I see him start to get frustrated with you. We will have to teach him to share better. I wish you would like your toys more, but instead you prefer his ninja turtles. Kind of funny actually! Your brother greets you each morning by jumping in your crib, and you are both able to take a bath together at the same time at night. I love that he wants to play with you.

If I had to pick words to describe you at this point they would be determined and serious. When you want something there is no holding you back. Odd thing to say about a 7 month old but you will do anything to get what you want, and if you don’t get it the scream that comes from your mouth is deafening! I say serious because even though you are even and good tempered, it takes work to get you to smile. I can see your mind working as you look at people who speak to you. I wonder what you are thinking.

Time is just moving by so fast my peanut. Our days are so filled that I have no time to dwell on it, but when I do I am amazed. You are into the second half of your first year and I just can’t believe it. I think in your little head you believe you are as big as your brother, but you are not. I need you to slow down a bit because I can’t keep up. I believe you think you can run, climb, feed yourself and everything else an older baby can do, but newsflash….you aren’t! You are my baby, and I will keep you that way as long as I can.

My only real request at this point? Please sleep through the night without making me have you cry it out. Please? I feel with your brother I did every bad habit in the book and in the end it worked out. I am going with that philosophy for you too. Let’s hope this doesn’t backfire.

I love you!