Dear Christian,

Oh my little man….I have a feeling that I am going to say this a lot over the years to come, but I can’t help but say it now…I think I’d like to freeze time right now. Thus far, you can’t walk and hurt yourself, you can’t choke because you aren’t eating solid foods, and you can’t give me attitude because you can’t talk. Sounds pretty good to me! You are such a happy boy and a pleasure each day….so can we stay right where we are?

You are my little army man these days. You get from place to place by doing the army crawl. You are officially on the move! Anyone that comes to play with you likes to say “boy is he a busy boy!”, and I say to them “don’t I know it!”. You keep me on my toes every day, but I love it.

You have a ton of toys, but it seems that your favorite toys are ones that aren’t supposed to be played with. Who needs cars and teethers when there is dry cleaning plastic, wicker baskets and wrapping paper?

You’ve got Da Da and Na Na down! Way to go! I have heard you say Ma Ma, but I am waiting for it to be more of a daily thing before I count it. I can’t wait for you to look right at me and say it. I’m not going to lie…I think I might cry!

Not too much phases you. Whether you are in the ocean, flying in a baby zip line, or kicking in the pool you have a look on your face that says “I could take it or leave it mom!” . You still get excited by Mickey Mouse club house though (it’s your favorite show), so I am happy I get to see some excitement somewhere!

I love you more than words, and although I say this every month I have to say it again…I am lucky to be your mom, and I count my blessings every day. My happy little boy is getting so big! I love you!

Love, Mommy