We have inevitably reached the stage where I can no longer turn my back and return to find my son in the same spot. That’s right…our little man is on the move! This means that it is important that we get moving on making our home safe for him. I am learning fast that he likes to find all the things he isn’t supposed to! That’s why I thought it was about time to hire a professional baby proofer to check out our home, and I thought Todd from Allsafe Childproofing was the perfect man for the job.

Being a new mom I realized that I had no idea all the things I needed to make my home safe. I obviously knew the basics, such as gates, electrical outlet covers, and cabinet locks, but what scared me the most were the things that I hadn’t thought about. I knew I’d feel awful if he got into something that was dangerous that I hadn’t even thought of as a danger (like door stoppers…did you know that they were a hazard?? I didn’t!). So, for a VERY reasonable menial fee All Safe Child Proofing came to my home for an evaluation.

The evaluation was extremely eye opening. Todd and I went room by room, and he pointed out everything that could be a hazard for my son now, and in the future. One thing I never really thought about was that danger zones change as your child grows. He may not be able to turn a door knob now, but eventually he will, and being prepared is key to keeping your child safe. I learned the importance of baby proofing your home BEFORE my son crawls (ooppsss too late!). If your baby can reach outlets, or get to the stairs it could be too late. In my opinion it’s not worth the risk.

The Captain was worried that the baby proofer would come in, make me paranoid, and go overboard with what we needed. When in fact he did the opposite. He came in to educate, and I felt no pressure. As a matter of fact he didn’t even go over pricing at all at the evaluation. His procedure is to do the evaluation, and get back to you in a few days with his recommendations and pricing. My favorite part was that he told me that everyone had a different situation, supervision and budget. Meaning that you can pick and choose which items you wanted off his line item list of suggestions based on your own personal needs. Kind of like an Ala cart menu!

You may be asking yourself “why hire a professional baby proofer when I can easily install things myself? People do it every day!”. The answer is yes, you can do it yourself, but do you want to?. Ladies…how many of you have chores for your husband that take weeks to do? Do you want to wait? Those of you with beautiful staircases may want to take advantage of Allsafe Childproofing’s custom work. Todd can do custom gates that can be stained to match your staircase, even “hole free” mounting brackets! As a matter of fact, his prices aren’t even that much more than if you bought it yourself at the store. You just have to ask yourself if the extra money is worth the hours of your time you will waste if you try to install yourself.

Honestly, I never knew a professional baby proofer existed until I did a google search, but I think hiring one is extremely useful and eye opening. Like I said earlier….it’s the stuff you didn’t think about that is the scariest. Allsafe Childproofing is an investment in your child’s safety. Having the dangers in my home pointed out has now made me more diligent when watching my son. I now know what I need to watch for…and that my dear readers is fantastic!

Allsafe Childproofing: 516-935-2399

All Safe Child Proofing provided a free evaluation in return for this review. As always all thought and opinions are my own.